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Tullah & Lake Mackintosh

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Copper Mines of Tasmania at Rosebery Tasmania

1/ Rosebery is a Zinc mining town in western Tasmania. Gold, lead and copper are also mined. Nearby are the beautiful Lakes Rosebery and Macintosh. Rosebery is surrounded by hills and mountains. This photo shows part of the vast Copper Mines of Tasmania complex at Rosebery. It is the major employer in Rosebery.

Mt Murchison

2/ The eastern skyline of Rosebery is dominated by the impressive peak of Mount Murchison.

Mount Black near Rosebery Tasmania

3/ This is Mount Black, which is 950 metres high. It dominates the northern skyline of Rosebery. You can just see Mount Kershaw peeping over the left of Mount Black.

Stitt River near Rosebery Tasmania

4/ This is the Stitt River in Rosebery town. Above it is the remains of the old Emu Bay Railway bridge. The Stitt River becomes Stitt Falls at the edge of the water that you can see in this photo.

Stitt Falls near Rosebery Tasmania

5/ This a photo of Stitt Falls taken from about 50 metres away. The upper fall on the right is about 4 metres, while the main fall on the left is about 12 metres. Rosebery is fortunate to have a waterfall in the town itself.

Top Pub at Rosebery Tasmania

6/ The picturesque Top Pub marks the beginning of the Rosebery shopping precinct.

Main Street Rosebery Tasmania

7/ This is the main street of Rosebery. It has a number of shops and heritage buildings.

park at Rosebery Tasmania

8/ This is the park at the shopping precinct. It has a lovely mural that honours the old miners of Rosebery.

church at Rosebery Tasmania

9/ This is the picturesque, St George's Anglican Church of Rosebery. It looks out onto Mount Murchison and other hills to the east.

school at Rosebery Tasmania

10/ This is Rosebery High School. It is decorated with a wheel once used in mining. Note how it looks east at the impressive peak of Mount Murchison.

post office at Rosebery Tasmania

11/ This is Rosebery Post Office. Just beyond it is a car park and public toilets.

heritage centre at Rosebery Tasmania

12/ This is the Rosebery Heritage Centre, where you can learn a lot about Rosebery's history.

old bank at Rosebery Tasmania

13/ This is a heritage building in the main street. It was once the ANZ Bank of Rosebery.

social club at Rosebery Tasmania

14/ This heritage building houses the social club. Note how it looks east at Mount Murchison.

work shop at Rosebery Tasmania

15/ This saw mill was on the edge of Rosebery town. A lot of timber was needed in the mines.

Rosebery Tasmania

16/ This photo shows a Victorian era house on the edge of Rosebery. The other houses are of more recent vintage. Beyond are the hills that surround Rosebery.

Rosebery Tasmania

17/ Rosebery is a hilly town as you can see from these houses on the edge of Rosebery.


Tullah Tasmania

1/ Tullah is a former silver and lead mining town in western Tasmania. It is just north of Rosebery. Nearby are the beautiful lakes Macintosh and Rosebery.

Tullah Tasmania

2/ This is the Farrell Heritage Park on the northern edge of Tullah. It has picnic facilities. It also has panels that tell you about mining at Tullah. From 1909 to 1974 Tullah was a major producer of lead and silver. Adjacent to this park is the Wee George Wood heritage railway.

Mount Murchison near Tullah Tasmania

3/ Mount Murchison dominates the southern sky line of Tullah. It is 1278 metres high.

Wee George Railway at Tullah Tasmania

4/ This is the old Tullah Railway Station, which now serves the Wee George Wood heritage railway. The line is a restoration of the old branch line that joined Tullah to the main Burnie to Zeehan railway line to the West.

Wee George Railway at Tullah Tasmania

5/ This is the old railway shed that houses Wee George Wood. It is the original train that ran on this line from 1909 to 1964. Unfortunately, it was not available on the day of my visit.

Wee George Railway at Tullah Tasmania

6/ This is the Wee George locomotive inside the shed. Wee George was the original nick name of the Tullah locomotive. There was once another locomotive called Wee Mary, but she is no longer extant.

Wee George Railway at Tullah Tasmania

7/ This is one of Wee George's passenger cars.

Wee George Railway at Tullah Tasmania

8/ This is the railway at Tullah that heads off to join the main Burnie to Zeehan line in the west.

Mount Farrell near Tullah Tasmania

9/ This photo shows modern housing at Tullah. Beyond is Mount Farrell, which is 712 metres high.


Lake Rosebery near Tullah Tasmania

1/ Lake Rosebery is a beautiful lake near Tullah in western Tasmania. This photo is looking north at Mt Farrell, where copper was once mined.

mt murchison from lake roseberry

2/ To the south the beautiful Lake Rosebery looks up at the impressive peak of Mount Murchison.

lake roseberry

3/ This photo shows the small beach of Lake Rosebery near Tullah. There is a walking track on the edge of Lake Rosebery at Tullah.

lake roseberry

4/ This photo shows the beach of Lake Rosebery near Tullah looking towards the west.


lake mackintosh

1/ Lake Mackintosh is a lovely, hydro electric dam in western Tasmania. This photo shows the view to the east of the dam.

lake mackintosh

2/ Lake Mackintosh is a very beautiful and peaceful place. Here you see the view to the east. The peak in the centre is Mount Romulus, which is 955 metres high.

lake mackintosh

3/ This photo is looking down from the lookout towards the Lake Mackintosh Dam. The dam is 75 metres high and 877 metres long.

lake mackintosh

4/ This photo shows the Lake Mackintosh Dam and the spillway to the right.

lake mackintosh

5/ This is the Tullabardine Dam, which is the other dam on Lake Mackintosh. The Tullabardine Dam is 25 metres high and 214 metres long.

st valentines peak

6/ As you drive south from Burnie on the A10 Murchison Highway, you see the cone of Mount Valentine. It is 1107 metres high.


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