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KEMPTON & Melton Mowbray

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Kempton Tasmania

1/ Kempton is a hamlet in southern Tasmania north of Hobart with many historic buildings. It was formerly called Green Ponds and it was established as military station in 1828. Later it served as a probation station for misbehaving convicts. This impressive arch is the war memorial of Kempton. Behind it is part of the old probation station. Its most famous prisoners were a group of Canadians, who revolted in favour of joining the United States of America in 1840. The accounts of these political prisoners tell us a lot about the old Van Diemen's Land.

Presbyterian Church at Kempton Tasmania

2/ This lovely, blue church is the old Presbyterian Church. It was built in 1886 and was recently restored thanks to the kind bequest of Thomas Gorringe. The tourist information board, a picnic ground and a public toilet are located to the immediate left of this church.

Town Hall at Kempton Tasmania

3/ The is the town hall of Kempton. It is an interesting example of late Victorian style of architecture.

Wilmot Arms Inn at Kempton Tasmania

4/ This is the historic Wilmot Arms Inn built in 1844. It now offers colonial, style accommodation in Kempton.

Highfield House in Kempton Tasmania

5/ This is the historic Highfield House, which was built in 1840. It also offers colonial style accommodation.

Glebe House at Kempton Tasmania

6/ This is the historic Glebe House. It was built in 1839 for the Anglican Chaplain of Green Ponds. It is a first class example of the early Victorian architectural style.

St Peter's at Kempton Tasmania

7/ This was St Peter's Catholic Church. It was built in 1886 by the famous Alan Walker, who also designed Hobart's historic post office. Today St Peter's is being turned into a luxury residence.

Dysart House at Kempton Tasmania

8/ This is the historic Dysart House. It was built in 1842 as the Green Ponds Hotel. It has been described as the most impressive inn on the old Midland Highway between Hobart and Launceston.

St Mary's at Kempton Tasmania

9/ This impressive old church is St Mary's Anglican Church. It was built in 1839. There is a large cemetery to the rear with many historic graves.

St Marys at Kempton Tasmania

10/ This is the rear view of St Mary's. Its age and style makes you think that you might be in Old England.

old shop at Kempton Tasmania

11/ This is a lovingly, restored shop cum residence. It is a pity that none of the old shops of Kempton are currently (2015) operating as shops.

old shop at Kempton Tasmania

12/ As the title says this is the original Green Ponds Store.

Gallery at Kempton Tasmania

13/ This old shop has now become an art gallery.

Bakery at Kempton Tasmania

14/ This is the historic McKay's Bakery. This building was built in 1910, but the family have been making bread on this site at Kempton since 1857.

old shop at Kempton Tasmania

15/ This is the old General Store of Kempton.

stadium at Kempton Tasmania

16/ This is the stadium of Kempton. Kempton has a large well kept football field.

house at Kempton Tasmania

17/ This is one of the lovely, old houses of Kempton. The bay windows in the roof were added in the 20th Century.

old house at Kempton Tasmania

18/ This is one of a number of lovely, historic houses in Kempton. Notice the well maintained garden.

old house at Kempton Tasmania

19/ This is a lovely Victorian era cottage on the southern edge of Kempton. Note the brown hills in the background. Kempton is in the dry southern Midlands of Tasmania.

Kempton Tasmania

20/ This is a historic streetscape in Kempton. It shows how the whole town has a lovely, historic air about it.

Ti Tree Church

22/ I spotted this lovely old church at Ti Tree south of Kempton.

Bagdad church

23/ This historic church at Bagdad south of Kempton was being converted into a house.


Melton Mowbray Tasmania

1/ Melton Mowbray is a historic hamlet north of Kempton. This is the historic Melton Mowbray Hotel.

Melton Mowbray Tasmania

2/ The building to the right was the old Congregational Chapel, which was built in 1866. To the left is a Victorian era church and cemetery.

Melton Mowbray Tasmania

3/ This is the historic church at Melton Mowbray.

Melton Mowbray Tasmania

4/ This is the view back to the Melton Mowbray Hotel.

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