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St Marks at Pontville

1/Pontville is a historic hamlet in south eastern Tasmania just north of Hobart. This photo shows the St Mark's Anglican Church and the Pontville Cemetery. Pontville goes back to the earliest days of the British settlement of Van Diemens Land. St Marks is located at the top of the hill on the northern edge of Pontville. There is a picnic area to the left of this image.

St Marks at Pontville

2/ This photo shows the full shape of St Marks. It is built in an usual Romanesque style.

St Marks at Pontville

3/ At the rear of St Marks is a cemetery with many ancient graves. In the distance you can see the picnic ground that is located just north of St Marks. From St Marks you can see the Pontville Detention Camp.

Lythgo Cottages at St Marks at Pontville

4/ This is Lythgo Cottages, which is located near the Jordan River, Pontville. It is another great example of Georgian architecture.

cottage atSt Marks at Pontville

5/ This is a small Georgian style cottage. It shows the variety of buildings that you can see in historic Pontville.

house at St Marks at Pontville

6/ This attractive, Victorian era cottage on the hill near St Mark's Church has a great view of the valley.

house at Pontville

7/ This is an attractive, historic stone house, which looks down the hill into old Pontville.

house at Pontville

8/ This is an attractive, Victorian era, middle class house.

office at Pontville

9/ This interesting, Victorian era, public building is in the main street of Pontville.

hotel at Pontville

10/ The Crown Inn is an old hotel on the hill at Pontville.

bridge at Pontville

11/ This is a long range view of the Pontville Bridge across the Jordan River. It is easy to imagine the 19th Century looking at this scene.

bridge at Pontville

12/ This photo shows the piles of the old Pontville Bridge over the Jordan River showing their sturdy masonry.

view of Pontville

13/ This is the view from the hill at Pontville looking west towards the modern town of Brighton. The church in the middle on the horizon is St Matthews.

church at Pontville

14/ This is the historic church just across the Jordan River. It had a lovely garden next to it.

St Matthews at Pontville

15/ This is the other church across the river. It is St Matthews and is located on the western hill of Pontville. It dates from 1867.

stadium at Pontville

16/ There is a large stadium at Pontville, which is serviced by this attractive, Art deco style office.

mansion at Pontville

17/ This is a telephoto view of the substantial, historic, mansion opposite St Marks Church. It was taken from St Matthews church about two kilometres away. It would make a major tourist asset, if it was available to the visiting public.

Wylabra Estate near Pontville

18/ This is the historic Wylabra Estate. It is a beautiful mansion on the old Midland Highway just north of Pontville. Unfortunately, it is not available for public viewing.

Oakwood Estate near Pontville

19/ This is the beautiful Oakwood Estate. It is located just north of the Wylabra Estate on the old Midland Highway just north of Pontville. It too is not available for public viewing.

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