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Goulds Country near Poimena

1/ Poimena is in north eastern Tasmania. It is the starting point for walks into the Blue Tier Mountains. It is north west of St Helens. The preferred approach to Poimena is through Goulds Country near St Helens. The route through Goulds Country is a lovely journey through lush meadows surrounded by forests. See also Goulds Country.

Blue Tier Mountains

2/ The Poimena area is dominated by regrowth forest. From several points there are great views of the surrounding mountains and forests.

Poimena sign

3/ This is the sign at the Poimena car park. It shows you the various walks and bike rides. Some are easy and some are hard. These are explained in my notes above.

Moon Valley at Poimena

4/ The old town of Poimena is now a strange looking plain. This photo shows the start of the Moon Valley walk. In this area there were once 3 hotels, 3 stores, a blacksmith, a butcher, a school and many cottages. Today nothing but disturbed ground remains.

Goblin Forest track at Poimena

5/ This is the entrance to the Goblin Forest track. This is the easiest walk and is even suitable for wheel chairs. This walks shows you how the ground, which was once disturbed by mining is now recovering.


6/ Near the Poimena car park is the starting point for 3 walks. There is also a 4WD vehicle track to the Sun Flats car park. This section is also suitable for mountain bikes.

Poimen Hill

7/ What is very interesting about Poimena is that in all directions you see evidence of former habitations and mining sites, which nature is now reclaiming. This photo is looking back from the Australia Hill circuit towards Poimena Hill.

fungus at Poimena

8/ A strange white fungus dominates many areas of the tracks. This photo shows fungus on the Australia Hill track as it ascends Australia Hill.

Moss at Poimena

9/ Other areas of the Australia Hill circuit are dominated by a thick layer of green moss.

Blue Tier rocks

10/ Rocky areas are common towards the summits of the hills. This area had great views of the surrounding forests and mountains.

Blue Tier view

11/ This is a view from the summit of Australia Hill. It looks towards the south east coast. St Helens is located to the top left of this photo on the coast.

Blue Tier view

12/ This is the view of the mountains to the north west.

Blue Tier view

13/ This is a bull wheel. It is about a metre and a half in diameter. It was once part of a haulage cable that took ore skips down the mountain. In many parts of the Blue Tiers you will see evidence of the former tin mines.

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