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Rocky Cape view from Table Cape

1/ Rocky Cape is in north west Tasmania. It is near STANLEY. This photo shows Rocky Cape Point on the horizon. It was taken from Table Cape about 30 kilometres to the east.

Rocky Cape sign

2/ The sign tells the story of how three Aboriginal children were turned into the three landmarks of the Stanley Nut, Rocky Cape and Table Cape for disobeying their elders. These three landmarks are indeed visible to each other.

Rocky Cape

3/ Rocky Cape is a wind swept, ethereal place. It is not too hard to imagine that it is indeed inhabited by spirits as Aboriginal legends claim. This view is looking to the east towards Table Cape.

Rocky Cape

4/ This photo shows a view of the shore line to the east of Rocky Cape.

Rocky Cape

5/ This is a view taken from the light house at Rocky Cape.

Rocky Cape

6/ This is another view looking towards the east of Rocky Cape. Note the colors of the stark rocky cliffs.

Rocky Cape Stantley view

7/ This photo is looking west from Rocky Cape towards Stanley. The large object that you see is the famous Stanley Nut. It is about 20 kilometres away.

Rocky Cape birds

8/ I was fortunate to be able to photograph these birds sheltering in the bracken of Rocky Cape.

Rocky Cape

9/ The dark area in the centre of this photo is the sacred Aboriginal cave of Rocky Cape.

Rocky Cape

10/ This is the view looking west towards the light house. Note the absence of trees due to the wind.

Rocky Cape

11/ The hills of Rocky Cape show some interesting wind swept shapes.

Rocky Cape

12/ This is the gravel road leading into Rocky Cape. It ends at the old light house.

Rocky Cape light house

13/ The light house is the major land mark of Rocky Cape.

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