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STANLEY & Dip Falls

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Stanley the Nut

1/ Stanley is a historic town on the north west coat of Tasmania. The Nut dominates the historic, port town of Stanley. It is about 200 metres high and about one kilometre long. To the left of the Nut on the horizon, you can see Rocky Cape.

Stanley the Nut

2/ The northern approach to Stanley is down Green Hills Road, which is lined with lovely Norfolk pines. To the left of the road is Godfreys Beach.

Stanley the Nut cafe

3/ There is a cafe at the base of the Zig Zag Track, which takes you to the top of the Stanley Nut. There is also a chairlift for those who don't want to do the climb.

Stanley the Nut chairlift

4/ This is the view from the top of the chair lift. Beyond it is Stanley town. The chairlift was not operating that day, due to the heavy winds.

Stanley the Nut sign

5/ This sign at the start of the Zig Zag Track gives important information about the walk.

Stanley the Nut view

6/ The track around the Nut at Stanley is about 2 kilometres long and it is well marked. This photo shows the view from near the Tatlows Beach lookout.

Stanley the Nut

7/ This view shows you the steep 200 metre drop to the sea below. A cloud of fog can be seen approaching the Nut from the east.

Stanley the Nut

8/ This is a telephoto view of Rocky Cape taken from near the Rocky Cape Lookout.

Stanley the Nut grove

9/ To my surprise I discovered that there was a small, forest grove hidden in a shallow valley. This protected its trees from the heavy winds. Elsewhere on the Nut you only see bushes.

Stanley the Nut grove

10/ This photo shows the track passing through the grove. There were many wallabies in this grove.

Stanley the Nut view

11/ This photo shows the southern part of Stanley near Tatlows Beach.

Stanley the Nut view of docks

12/ This shows the view down from the Fisherman's Wharf Lookout. The size of the vehicles shows you the height. Stanley once housed a much larger fishing fleet than it does today.

Stanley the Nut

13/ This is the view from the Highfield Lookout. On the horizon beyond Godfreys Beach, you can see the historic Highfield Estate. Below are the church and the cemetery of Stanley.


Stanley Main Road

1/ Stanley is a historic town with much to see besides the Nut. This photo shows Main Road, Stanley, which is the old commercial area of the town.

Stanley Main Road

2/ On Main Road Stanley you will find restaurants, galleries and boutique shops.

Stanley Main Road

3/ This old hotel looks down on the residential area of Stanley.

Stanley shops

4/ The shops on Main Road have been restored to their 19th Century glory.

Stanley shops

5/ This photo shows the variety of quaint 19th Century shops that you will discover in Stanley.

Stanley shops

6/ This photo shows a restored, former 19th Century bank building in Stanley.

Stanley emporium

7/ This old emporium shows that Stanley was once a thriving port town.

Stanley post office

8/ Next to the Emporium is this genuine, Victorian post office with an old telephone box outside it.

Stanley street

9/ The streets of Stanley are replete with pretty Victorian cottages. The Nut is just to the left.

Stanley cottage

10/ Many of Stanley's cottages border onto the base of the Nut.

Stanley cottages

11/ This photo shows cottages on Alexander Avenue. Behind them is the Nut. The cottage of the Tasmanian Prime Minister Lyons is in this street.

Stanley church

12/ This quaint church is near the Stanley Cemetery. Beyond it is Godfrey's Beach.

Stanley cemetery

13/ Stanley Cemetery is replete with ancient graves. It looks down on Godfreys Beach.

stanley station

14/ The dock area was once the industrial heart of the town. Here you can see the old railway station.

stanley seal cafe

15/ In the dock area you will find this cafe from where you book the famous Stanley Seal Cruise.

stanley hursey seafoods

16/ Hursey's Seafoods is a great place to sample fresh lobster caught by the Stanley fishing fleet.

stanley dock

17/ The Stanley docks is a large area, as once the fishing fleet was much larger than it is today. It lies at the foot of the Nut.

stanley dock boats

18/ Behind these two boats you can see the large green Sea Aquarium building, which is well worth a visit. Beyond it is the edge of the Nut.

Stanley cable station

19/ The historic Cable Station is some kilometres from Stanley town. It now caters for guests.

Stanley Cable Station view

20/ From the Cable Station you can see this spectacular views of Bass Strait.


Stanley Highfield historic Estate

1/ The Highfield Historic Estate overlooks the Nut and the town of Stanley. It was very recently restored and gives a good insight into life in the 19th Century.

Stanley Highfield historic Estate

2/ This photo shows the estate from the opposite Stanley side.

Stanley Highfield historic Estate masters entrance

3/ This path was the master's approach to Highfield. Once horse transport carried people to the front door and then continued on to the stable to the right.

Stanley Highfield historic Estate servants entrance

4/ This was the servants' approach to the Highfield Estate. It leads straight into the working area.

Stanley Highfield historic Estate cottage outside

5/ Just beyond the servants' gate was this cottage of a free settler. Note how it is decorated by two graceful, old palms.

Stanley Highfield historic Estate court yard

6/ This photo shows the court yard of the Highfield Estate. Much work was done in the barns and the stable. This view could be straight out of the 19th Century.

Stanley Highfield historic Estate

7/ This photo shows a barn on the edge of the Highfield Estate. Note the derelict equipment.

Stanley Highfield historic Estate paddock

8/ A horse graises in a paddock of the Highfield Estate. To me the scene looked like a 19th Century painting. Only the metal gate to the right is out of time.

Stanley Highfield historic Estate cottages

9/ These two Georgian cottages near the Highfield Estate are now restored and leased to tourists.

Stanley Highfield historic Estate ruin

10/ This photo shows a ruin near the Highfield Estate. It proves that many buildings have not survived the centuries. There were once many other buildings on the estate.

Stanley Highfield historic Estate view

11/ This photo looks out from the great house over the former lands of the Highfield Estate.


Dip Falls giant eucalypt sign

1/ Dip Falls is a large water fall about 40 kilometres south east of Stanley. Just beyond the falls is a eucalyptus forest with giant trees. Both attractions are very easy to access.

Dip Falls stream above

2/ The creek at the top of the Dip Falls is deceptively calm.

Dip Falls steps to base

3/ You must walk down a long flight of stairs to get to the base of the Dip Falls. However, there is an easy viewing platform at the top of the falls for those less intrepid.

Dip Falls upper falls

4/ This is the torrent pouring down the upper falls. This photo was taken from the upper viewing platform. Note the full grown trees to the left. This fall is about 60 metres.

5/ This photo shows a distant view of the lower falls. Note the figure on the right standing close to the fall for a size comparison.

Dip Falls lower falls

6/ The lower falls are about 20 metres. You can see the upper falls in the distance in the middle. Note that this photo was taken when the flow was quite small.

Dip Falls stream at base

7/ This is the creek at the base of the lower falls. The water meanders off as a gentle stream.

Dip Falls giant eucalypts track

8/ Just one kilometre south of Dip Falls is the easy walk to the giant eucalypt trees.

Dip Falls giant eucalypts fallen giant

9/ The photo shows a fallen giant disappearing into the forest. Note the saplings and man ferns beside it for a size comparison.

Dip Falls giant eucalypts

10/ Near the giant were these two impressive giant eucalypt monarchs.

Dip Falls giant eucalypt forest giant

11/ This is the base of the forest giant. The two figures should help you to appreciate its size.

Dip Falls giant eucalypts canopy view

12/ This is the awesome view to the canopy above of a giant tree near Dip Falls. The tree top is about 80 metres skyward above the base platform.

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