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Emu Valley & Guide Falls

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Burnie Tasmania

1/ This view from the Mount Street Lookout shows that Burnie is basically a port town. It is sometimes visited by ocean liners. Burnie has a deep natural harbour, which is regularly used to export wood chips and other freight. The CBD is to the top left of the photo.

mansion in Burnie

2/ This pretty Victorian era mansion in Wilson Street is now used by the police. The Burnie police headquarters are to the left and the council house is to the right.

council house of Burnie

3/ The Council House was built in a attractive, modern style with clean lines and spacious windows.

old bank in Burnie

4/ Burnie still has many Federation era buildings like this former bank building.

Wilson Street in Burnie

5/ Wilson Street is in the heart of the CBD. It looks down to the foreshore and is dominated by modern buildings. It has been stylishly decorated. On a stormy day you can see an unusual illusion. The crashing waves of the sea below, seem to come up the street.

heritage building in Burnie

6/ This is the Club Hotel in Wilmot Street. It is a great example of the Federation era style of hotel.

heritage building in Burnie

7/ St Lukes is an attractive example of the Federation era style of office building.

heritage building in Burnie

8/ The Baptist Church in Mount Street is an attractive example of a Federation style church.

heritage building in Burnie

9/ Greens Hotel on Marine Terrace is a good example of the Victorian era style of hotel.

Burnie Harbour

10/ In the port of Burnie you can see ships being loaded with wood chips and containers.

building in Burnie

11/ In Marine Terrace is also this great example of a Federation style office building. The grey building to the right is an example of the Art Deco style of small office.

Star of the Sea church in Burnie

12/ As you approach the Burnie CBD you pass the attractive Star of the Sea Catholic church and school. It is a great example of the Federation style of school building.

Star of the Sea Church in Burnie

13/ This is the attractive entrance to the Star of the Sea church and school.

Star of the Sea Church in Burnie

14/ This is a closer view of the Star of the Sea school building.

Art Deco building in Burnie

15/ Burnie also has some great examples of Art Deco buildings. This is a government office in Spring Street. It shows the clean lines of Art Deco.

Art Deco building in Burnie

16/ This view shows the entrance of this Art Deco building. Note how the lines and windows are in perfect balance.

Modern building in Burnie

17/ Burnie also has some great examples of modern buildings like Reece House in Mount Street.

Anglican Church in Burnie

18/ This is the attractive Anglican Church in Mount Street. It is in the Federation style, but note how the modern office building to the right has had to blend in colour with it. Just beyond this area is the Burnie Historic Village, which I have yet to visit.

houses in Burnie

19/ Burnie has some great hill suburbs that have spectacular views of the sea.

Burnie Park

20/ This is Burnie Park. It has many play machines for children and a lovely pond.

Burnie Park

21/ This is the lovely pond at Burnie Park. It is the residence of a happy group of ducks. Just beyond this view is the old Burnie Inn.

historic hotel in Burnie Park

22/ This is the old Burnie Inn. It dates back to 1845 and is the oldest inn in Burnie. Note how it still has its shingle roof.

Mount Street lookout in Burnie

23/ From the Round Hill Lookout to the east of Burnie, you can see great views of the Great Western Tier Mountains to the south of Burnie.


Burnie Foreshore

1/ This view shows the Burnie foreshore on a stormy day. The view is looking towards the east and the harbour. Burnie has some first class beaches.

Renaissance Bay condominium in Burnie

2/ This is the Bay Renaissance building an up market condominium on North Terrace. It has spectacular views of the Burnie Beach and the sea beyond. There is a very interesting geological rock strata just to the left of this complex.

Beach Hotel in Burnie

3/ The Beach Hotel is adjacent to the beach. To the left is the Bay Renaissance complex.

surf club on Burnie Foreshore

4/ This is the modern Surf Club building. It dominates Burnie Beach and contains a large restaurant, toilets and change rooms. There is now a lovely fountain in front of it.

fountain at surf club on Burnie Foreshore

5/ This is the octopus fountain in front of the Surf Club. Beyond are the sands of Burnie Beach.

fountain at surf club on Burnie Foreshore

6/ This is another view of the lovely octopus fountain at the Surf Club.

beach view on Burnie Foreshore

7/ This view looks east across Burnie Beach towards the port.

view on Burnie Foreshore

8/ Burnie Beach is a popular swimming venue. The children playing would be locals, who like swimming in 20 degree temperatures.

on Burnie Foreshore

9/ This view looks west across Burnie Beach. The board walk leads to the distant Makers of Burnie workshop. Near this is a penguin viewing point.

Burnie Foreshore

10/ This is the end of the board walk. Just beyond is a penguin viewing point.

Burnie Foreshore

11/ This photo shows the dairy country just south of Burnie.

Burnie Foreshore

12/ This photos shows a dairy farm in a little valley just outside of Burnie


Emu Valley Rhododendron Gardens

1/ The Emu Valley Rhododendron Gardens are a magical place just south of Burnie. This is the view from the Lake looking up towards the Lodge. The Garden is most beautiful in the spring.

Emu Valley Rhododendron Gardens

2/ This is the view across the Lake towards the Japanese Garden.

Burnie Foreshore

3/ This shows a bridge through a profusion of the shapes and colors that make up the Gardens.

Emu Rhododendron Gardens

4/ This photo shows the Rotunda bathed in the warm colors of spring.

Emu Rhododendron Gardens

5/ This photo shows the trees in the brilliant colors of autumn. Tasmania has four distinct seasons just like in Europe. In this it differs from the rest of Australia.

Emu Rhododendron Gardens

6/ This shows a veil of soft colors bedecking these poles.

7/ This photo shows the Lake and Rotunda in the warm colors of Spring.

Emu Rhododendron Gardens

8/ This shows the Japanese garden in the cherry blossom time of Spring.

Emu Rhododendron Gardens

9/ The bridge to the Japanese Garden was made by special arrangement with Japanese craftsmen.

Emu Rhododendron Gardens

10/ The tea house was made in very distinct Japanese colors and style.

Emu Rhododendron Gardens

11/ When the cherry blossoms are blooming, it is hard to believe that you are not in classical Japan.

Emu Rhododendron Gardens

12/ This photo shows a profusion of colors and shapes in the Japanese Garden in Spring.


Guide Falls

1/ Guide Falls is a lovely waterfall just south of Burnie. The people in this photo are standing quite close to the falls. I estimated it to be about an 8 metre fall.

guide falls

2/ Access to the Falls is quite easy. You just follow a track, beside this stream, for about half a kilometre to reach the Falls.

Guide Falls

3/ Along the way you pass the small waterfall, which is about a four metre drop.

Guide Falls

4/ This photo shows the waterfall on a sunny day. You can also see the Falls from the top, if you access the track at the upper left.

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