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Styx River in Central Tasmania

1/ The Styx Forest is in Central Tasmania south of Maydena in the Derwent River Valley district. It is the home to some of the largest trees in the world. The area in 2014 was still the scene of a major battle between loggers and conservationists. The photos in this essay were taken in the Big Tree Reserve. This photo shows the River Styx and the typical vegetation of the beautiful Styx Valley.

Styx Forest in central Tasmania

2/ The road to the reserves is a gravel road, but in 2014 it was in good condition and suitable to normal cars. Visitors should be wary of large logging trucks suddenly appearing on this road. The Styx Valley is surrounded by beautiful mountains. This photo shows the road and a forest giant towering over the trees of average height.

map of the Styx Forest in central Tasmania

3/ The dark green areas are the reserves. The light green areas are still being logged. Conservationists want these formerly logged areas to be allowed to regenerate into the awesome forests that they once were. It takes 300 years for a logged area to fully recover.

Mt Jubilee seen from the Styx Forest

4/ Mount Jubilee towers down on the Styx Forest in this view through a gap in this regrowth forest area.

logging area in the Styx Forest in central Tasmania

5/ This photo shows the devastation of a recently logged area. Behind it are some of the beautiful mountains that tower around the Styx Forest. The white streaks on this mountain are from snow that fell in November, which is in the Tasmanian spring

Styx Forest in central Tasmania

6/ The Styx Forest is a plethora of life. It consists of some giant eucalyptus trees, plus myrtle, sassafras and dogwood trees and towering manferns.

Styx Forest in central Tasmania

7/ There are large numbers of fallen giant trees on the forest floor. This one was blocking the path. The sawn gap was over 2 metres high. These manferns are about 4 metres high.

Styx Forest in central Tasmania

8/ The Styx Forest includes many beautiful groves of large manferns. Walking through a beautiful fern grove is a truly mystical experience.

Styx Forest in central Tasmania

9/ This is not a path. This is a fallen giant tree that virtually makes a path through the forest. It was about 3 metres wide and about 80 metres long. It is only when the giants fall that you can fully appreciate their size

Styx Forest in central Tasmania

10/ This photo shows the base of the Big Tree, which is the largest in this area. This giant is 87 metres high. It is about 400 years old. There are many other trees of a similar height in this area.

giant Styx Forest tree

11/ This is the view up to the canopy of this forest giant. It is a massive 87 metres to the top. Notice how it towers over the nearby trees.

Styx River in Central Tasmania

12/ The Styx River is named after the river of the dead in the ancient Greek myth. The river is a very lonely, serene and beautiful place.

Styx River in Central Tasmania

13/ This photo shows another view of the beautiful and mysterious Styx River. The ancient name "Styx" is quite appropriate, because you really are in a very enchanting place, while you walk in this ancient forest.


Maydena in the Tyenna River Valley

1/ Maydena is a hamlet in the Tyenna River Valley of Central Tasmania. There is only accommodation and a general store at Maydena. The access to the Styx River Valley is from a gravel road just west of Maydena. This photo shows the general store at Maydena.

Tyenna Peak near Maydena

2/ Tyenna Peak towers over the northern horizon of Maydena. It is over 1200 metres high. The whole Styx River Valley is surrounded by mountains.

mountains near Maydena in the Tyenna River Valley

3/ This is the view of the mountains to the west of Maydena.

main stree of Maydena in the Tyenna River Valley

4/ This is the main street of Maydena looking towards the east. It was taken from near the General Store.

station at Maydena in the Tyenna River Valley

5/ This is Maydena Railway Station. It is decades since trains ran on this railway line. However, a hand rail car amusement now operates from this station.

hand powered rail cars

6/ These are some of the hand rail cars that you can hire at Maydena Station. The telephone contact numbers are 0427 206 864 and 0487 619 112.

Westerway Railway Station

7/ This is the old Westerway Railway Station. Even though trains have not used it for 50 years, it is still in good condition.


Derwent River near Bushy Park

1/ The Derwent River Valley has many beautiful and interesting things to see. You can do a car tour from New Norfolk on the B62 Road, which runs south of the River Derwent, to Bushy Park and Glenora. You then return to Bushy Park and turn north to Macquarie Plains. You then cross the River Derwent and join the A10 Lyell Highway. You now drive south east through Rosegarland and Hayes to return to New Norfolk.

hops near Bushy Park

2/ The Derwent River Valley is dominated by hops fields. Hops are used to brew beer and Tasmania has two famous brands in Boags and Cascades. Hops have been grown in this area for nearly two centuries.

hops factory near Bushy Park

3/ This is an ancient, hops, processing factory near Bushy Park. Notice the water wheel to the right. This once provided the motive power for the factory.

hops store house near Bushy Park

4/ This is an interesting, old, hops store house near Bushy Park. I have not seen a building like it in Tasmania.

hops field near Glenora

5/ This is the view of hops fields near Glenora. This photo is looking towards the south east.

view of Glenora

6/ This is a long range view to the south east towards Glenora. This is the largest town in this area.

Derwent River

7/ This is the peaceful River Derwent near Macquarie Plains. This view looks towards the north.

St Augustines at Macquarie Plains

8/ This is the lovely church of St Augustines at Macquarie Plains. It was built in 1904 and is sited next to the River Derwent, which has flooded it on two occasions.

St Augustines at Macquarie Plains

9/ St Augustines is constructed out of local timber. It is an elegant, but unusual shape.

Macquarie plains church

10/ I was most impressed by the lovely, wooden panels that decorate the interior of St Augustines. The panels showed both great skill and good artistic judgement.

St Augustines at Macquarie Plains

11/ St Augustines also has two lovely stain glass windows, which I have combined them together in this view. The church is being maintained by some dedicated volunteers. They really need help to maintain their beautiful church.

Derwent Valley

12/ This is the view of the beautiful Derwent River Valley looking south from a lookout north of the River Derwent near Rosegarland.

hops factory near Hayes

13/ This is an abandoned hop factory near Hayes. There are a number of these unique, ancient buildings in the Derwent River Valley.

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