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Ulverstone Tasmania

1/ Ulverstone is a large city in northern, central Tasmania on the Leven River. This photo shows the old railway bridge to the south of Ulverstone.

clock tower at Ulverstone Tasmania

2/ Ulverstone's memorial clock tower is quite unique to Tasmania and dominates the entrance.

old bank at Ulverstone Tasmania

3/ The ANZ Bank of Ulverstone shows the classic rich lines of late Victorian architecture.

catholic church at Ulverstone Tasmania

4/ The Catholic Holy Trinity Church of Ulverstone shows good use of the modern style in its design.


5/ This is the modern entrance to ANZAC Park, Ulverstone.

ANZAC Park at Ulverstone Tasmania

6/ This photo shows the stairway to the entrance to ANZAC Park in Ulverstone.

ANZAC Park at Ulverstone Tasmania

7/ This photo shows the view south from ANZAC Park down towards the Leven River Bridge.

ANZAC Park at Ulverstone Tasmania

8/ This is the view looking towards the north towards the mouth of the Leven River. The new riverside complex is at the top left beyond the bridge.

Ulverstone Tasmania

9/ This is the new riverside complex at Ulverstone. It shows the proud lines of the modern style.

River Arms Hotel at Ulverstone Tasmania

10/ This is the historic River Arms Hotel. It looks down on the Leven River.

Municipal office of Ulverstone Tasmania

11/ This is the municipal office complex of Ulverstone. It shows modern clean lines.

RSL Club of Ulverstone Tasmania

12/ This photo shows the RSL club of Ulverstone. It shows the classic lines of Art Deco. The RSL is the war veterans organization. There is also a significant monument to the navy in Shopshire Park Ulverstone.

Hartman Building in Ulverstone Tasmania

13/ The white Hartman Building also shows the new clean lines of the Art Deco style.

old shops at Ulverstone Tasmania

14/ Ulverstone has preserved some of its Victorian era buildings like this old shop complex.

Reibey Street in Ulverstone Tasmania

15/ The main street of Ulverstone is Reibey Street. You can see a number of stylish, Victorian era buildings in this street.

Furners Hotel in Ulverstone

16/ This is the historic Furners Hotel. It has played a prominent part in Ulverstone's history.

church in Reibey Street in Ulverstone Tasmania

17/ This is the Uniting Church of Ulverstone.


18/ This is the view up Reibey Street from near the Leven River.

Shropshire Park

19/ This is the Shropshire Park memorial in Ulverstone. The Shropshire was a famous Australian ship of World War 2. Many other ships are remember here as well.

foot path in Reibey Street in Ulverstone Tasmania

20/ This footpath in Shropshire Park records a long list of naval battles in WW2. It is a unique feature of Ulverstone.

plaque in Shropshire Park Ulverstone

21/ There are many plaques commemorating the famous Australian ships of World War 2.

Shropshire Park Ulverstone

22/ This globe helps visitors understand, where the battles mentioned in the memorials took place.

house in Ulverstone Tasmania

23/ The streets near Shropshire Park, Ulverstone had lovely, Victorian cottages decorated with attractive trees.

house in Ulverstone Tasmania

24/ This Victorian era house had a stylish upper addition that blended in well to the Ulverstone street scape.


25/ This mole protects boats moored on the Leven River.

Buttons Beach Ulverstone

26/ Buttons Beach, Ulverstone is a lovely broad beach. This photo is looking west towards the Leven River Mole.

Buttons Beach Ulverstone

27/ This is the view of Buttons Beach looking towards the east. Buttons Beach is one of many beautiful beaches that are close to Ulverstone.



1/ Penguin is a pretty beach town in northern Tasmania. It is west of Ulverstone. It was founded in 1861 and was named after the penguins, which were prolific in the area. Main Street is the pretty beach boulevard of Penguin. It has some great attractions like this lovely church.

Uniting Church of Penguin

2/ The pretty Uniting Church of Penguin is the land mark of the town. It was built in a Scandinavian style.

penguin statue of Penguin

3/ The other land mark of Penguin is the Big Penguin. It is 3.15 metres high. Little penguins can be seen on the beaches of Penguin at dusk. There are some rules you should respect to help protect these little penguins. These include; keeping your noise to a minimum, wearing dark clothes, not using torches or camera flashes, keeping at least 5 metres away from the penguins and bringing no cats or dogs near the beach.

war memorial of Penguin

4/ This is the war memorial of Penguin. It is quite close to the Big Penguin statue seen above.

beach of Penguin

5/ This is the view of the large beach at Penguin looking towards the east. Penguins can be seen here at dusk.

beach of Penguin

6/ This is the view of the beach at Penguin looking towards the west. There is a footpath and grass strip above the beach. It runs parallel to Main Street.

Main Street of Penguin

7/ This is Main Street Penguin. It has a number of shops and cafes. The beach is to the right of this photo. In the distance you can see the pretty Uniting Church.

St Stephens church of Penguin

8/ There is another lovely church in Penguin. It is St Stephens and it is located further west of the lovely Uniting Church adjacent to the beach.

station of Penguin

9/ This is the railway station of Penguin. Unfortunately, a passenger train has not stopped here for many years. There is a proposal to run the tourist Don Railway at Devonport all the way to Burnie via Penguin. This would allow tourist to see the beautiful coast of north western Tasmania.

park of Penguin

10/ This is the lovely park at Penguin. It has play facilities for children, plus this lovely, Dutch style wind mill. In the distance is Mount Gnomon, which is part of the Dial Range. A major bush walk "The Tasmania Trail" starts near here and goes all the way to Cradle Mountain, through some of the most rugged country in Tasmania.

coast near  Penguin

11/ This view looks east down the coast towards Penguin. The north western coast of Tasmania has many beautiful sights. In the foreground is the railway. Unfortunately, this railway is presently maintained only to a standard adequate for freight trains.



1/ Ulverstone is an old Tasmanian city and this series of photos may give you some idea as to what life was like in the 19th Century. Photos contain a wealth of historic data. This one shows a picnic at Gunns Plains south of Ulverstone in 1901. Note how while even only on a picnic, the middle class women and men had to dress in full formal attire.


2/ This photo shows the Leven River near Ulverstone about 1900. The river is a very wild place. The people are probably on a pleasure cruise, but again, they are still dressed in formal attire.


3/ This is another view of the Leven River near Ulverstone around 1900. These men may be travelling or they may again be on a pleasure cruise. However, they are still in formal attire.

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